Ashley Campbell was born in Las Vegas and still calls Sin City her home. She is devoted to her hometown University of Las Vegas Rebels. Unfortunately, while Vegas offers a lot by way of entertainment, there isn’t much sports once you move on from college.  And even for college you are a bit limited.

Therefore, Ashley has embraced teams from around the country, including the Ohio State University Buckeyes and UCLA Bruins — mainly for college football, the Los Angeles Clippers, and the Indianapolis Colts.  After UNLV, Indy is her biggest passion, where her fan loyalty stretches back to the Peyton Manning-Tony Dungy era and has continued into the Andrew Luck era. Her sports bucket list includes watching the Colts’ home opener. Ashley is also a big fan of tennis — both watching and playing.

One thing you will never catch Ashley doing is rooting for the Dallas Cowboys or Los Angeles Lakers.

During her down time, Ashley enjoys relaxing with a good game of pool and watching obscure cooking videos hidden in the corners of the Internet.  In fact, she’s been known to spontaneously cook strange food dishes in the middle of the night. Some of that cooking makes its way to her friends and family, who remain local.  But some of it she just keeps for herself. Other free time is spent hiking, reading, writing, and dreaming about one day living by the ocean.

Professionally, Ashley works full-time as an actress.  She’s worked on a variety of indie productions and commercials, plus several mainstream feature films, including The Trust. She enjoys spending her free time with family, and also hiking, reading, writing.

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