NBA season kicks off tonight. Are you ready for it? Check out The Joe Fan Show’s basketball contributor Stephán Philyaw’s breakdown of the Eastern Conference. Included are preseason grades, team depth, and regular season previews and predictions.

No, I am not a LeBron James fan. Far from it, actually. Most anti-Kobe fans would go as far as to label me a LeBron hater. Well, I’ve definitely got a surprise for you! I was willing to bet my Lakers “fan-card”, that LeBron’s play in the 2015 NBA Finals is the answer to the Lakers future with the #2 overall draft pick. That was until they drafted D’Angelo Russell instead of Jhalil Okafor. While you can’t go wrong with Russell, I felt Okafor was the better pick to continue the winning foundation of the Lakers through a dominant center. LeBron shows us the effects of controlling the post offensively in the two games the Cavs won in the 2015 Finals.

Bears fans are rejoicing as this is the year we finally say good riddance to Phil Emery and the destruction he left in his wake. We say hello and welcome aboard to Ryan Pace, former Director of Player Personnel for the New Orleans Saints. Pace partners up with new Head Coach John Fox to revamp the Bears roster and lead the team back to NFL Championship glory.

R.J. Alvarez, Evan Scribner, Jesse Hahn, Mark Canha, Kendall Graveman. Whaaaaaaat??? Question: What’s the difference between the AAA Nashville Sounds and the Oakland Athletics? Answer: The Sounds play in a better stadium. If you happened to be at Coliseum on Opening Day, no doubt at some point, or at many points, during the team introductions you said “Who?” Once again the City By The Bay, that’s the Gold-and-Green-Haired-Stepchild-City-by-the-Bay, trotted out their 2015…