jeff-baseballJeff Klein was born and raised in Los Angeles. He is an avid sports fan and supporter of all LA teams, except for the Anaheim Angels (yes, ANAHEIM) because they aren’t really in Los Angeles. As a diehard Dodgers fan, Jeff makes no apologies for his dislike of the San Francisco Giants and other Bay Area teams.  (Though, he feels the Warriors are tolerable.) In fact, he enjoys the SF Giants losing almost as much as the Dodgers winning.

In addition to the Dodgers, he supports all his hometown teams: Clippers and Lakers – yes, you can support both – LA Kings, Galaxy, Sparks, USC and UCLA (leaning more USC, than UCLA). When it comes to college hoops and baseball, however, the only school that gets preferential treatment is Cal State Long Beach. Go Dirtbags! The only non-LA sports team Jeff roots for is in the NFL – the New York Giants. It’s not like he’s able to root for an LA-based football team.

Jeff is a fantasy junky and even participates in a regular Fantasy Tour De France league. Yeah, he’s probably got a problem and needs intervention. In addition to sports, he loves playing poker, games, and most things that are competitive.

A lifelong goal is to visit all baseball stadiums and major sporting events around the world. You can occasionally find Jeff performing stand-up comedy around the Los Angeles comedy scene.

When not following sports, Jeff spends time with his family and friends, as well as working in government, politics, and local community activism. It’s because of this background that he enjoys discussing issues that cut across both sports and mainstream society.

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