March 22, 2017: NBA, March Madness, World Baseball Classic, MLB & the Atlanta Braves, Q & A

March 23, 2017

Welcome to the March 22 episode of The Joe Fan Show. Click here to listen to full episode.

In this week’s episode heard on NBC Sports AM920 The Game:

  • Segment 1: NBA & March Madness. The panel discusses the ongoing discussion of resting stars. Is it a big deal? Is there a solution? Plus, the MVP debate: James Harden versus Russell Westbrook. Anyone else in the discussion? Also, a look ahead to the next round of the NCAA Tournament and highlighting the marquee match-up between UCLA and Kentucky.
  • Segment 2: World Baseball Classic. Recap of the semi finals and a look ahead to the championship game where the United States faces Puerto Rico. Plus, overall impression of the entire tournament.
  • Segment 3: MLB & the Atlanta Braves. Breakdown of the Braves for the 2017 season. What should fans expect? How close are they to contending again?
  • Segment 4: Q & A. We pull questions submitted from fans on social media and our panel answers.

Contributors featured in this episode: Clayton, Host (@Clayton_JoeFan); Stephan (@Stephan_JoeFan); Jeff (@Jeff_JoeFan).

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