Stephanie Hibbert was born in Toledo, Ohio, but at the ripe age of nine moved to Lawrence, Kansas. A graduate of the University of Tennessee, Stephanie has been a Volunteers football fan for life. Although, growing up in Lawrence made her a true Jayhawks basketball fan.  Her loyalties to both teams have never changed! Professional sports wise, she is loyal to her Kansas City Royals, and tends to support whichever football team Peyton Manning plays for. Her high school dance teacher was the sister of Kirk Hinrich, so she also follows the Bulls from time to time.  One of her dream trips is to make it to Fenway Park. Growing up, her Dad used to take her and her brothers to different baseball games around the country to appreciate the old steel stadiums. One of her favorites was Old Tiger Stadium.

In her off-time, Stephanie loves baking and hosting get togethers with friends.  Game nights, going to the movies, bowling and having a nice cocktail or glass of red wine (her preferred hang out of choice).  She loves working out, living a healthy lifestyle and being outside.  Most of all she loves the beach and is often referred to as a “waterbaby.”

Professionally, Stephanie works full-time as a model, dancer, showgirl, actress and singer.  Before coming to Las Vegas, she sang and danced her way around the world for shows hosted by Carnival Cruise Lines, Six Flags and the Black Bear Dinner Theater. In Las Vegas she has starred as the Snow Queen in Winter in Venice, and danced in MJ Live and Fantasy. She has been a featured Showgirl in a National Commercial for Dodge, spokesmodels regularly for a variety of companies and can be seen in print for the Fashion line Network. She enjoys spending her free time with her husband, and also loves yoga, running, reading and traveling.

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