StevenSteven Clark settled in Lexington, Tennessee after several years serving as a helicopter crew chief in the United States Army.  Originally, from Columbus, Ohio, he grew up playing football, baseball, and running track. To the dismay of his many childhood friends, Steven has become a diehard Michigan Wolverines fan and a hater of the Ohio State University Buckeyes. Yes, this creates suspicious looks and head shaking when he goes home, deep in Buckeye country. In terms of college athletics, he primarily follows football — especially the Michigan-versus-OSU rivalry — but follows most major collegiate sports from a distance.

Steven’s love of all things Wolverines has turned him into a huge New England Patriots fan, primarily the result of alumnus Tom Brady. For NFL, aside from the Pats, he supports the team: the Tennessee Titans. Outside of football, Steven is a huge baseball, rooting for the New York Yankees, and NASCAR fan – especially Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

In his spare time, Steven takes every chance to saddle up to a pool table or throw some darts. His life-long sports ambition is to attend every major Bowl game. Professionally, Steven works at a major auto parts distribution company and spends his free time with his family, listening to music, and enjoying the outdoors.

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